The INNOSPIN Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the contribution of the cluster management organization, cluster enterprises and an academic researcher. The spin –off enterprise was created to generate innovative projects of cluster products improvement with the intensive use of the professional results of research background. Further concepts of improvement are extending the enterprise with commercial activities, selling cluster products in domestic and foreign markets.

The mathematical similarity analysis know-how was first applied in the cluster management’s CEBBIS project in the area of innovative service improvement.

Our services

  • Reinforcement and extension of network partnership on national and international level
  • Encouraging the cooperation of CTRIC and other clusters
  • Conveying the professional competence of cluster membership (competence database)
  • Collective participation in domestic and international events, exhibitions, organizing field trips, representing the cluster in professional forums

Product and technology development

  • Benchmarking activity, exploring good solutions, exploring ways of application
  • Collective R+D+I activities, generating projects in working groups
  • Encouraging collective investments, active participation in their elaboration
  • Detailed elaboration of project plans, planning of acquisitions needed to the development (acquisition of tools, know-how)
  • Providing consultation on innovative development
  • Reinforcement of collective presence in the market, marketing, market analysis and market research
  • Creating marketing strategy, market analysis
  • On-line cluster appearance, cluster marketing

Consultation on tender procedures

  • Monitoring opportunities of tenders
  • Writing tender
  • Tender management (administration of winning tenders)
  • Creating documentation, online cluster appearance, cluster marketing

Organizing cluster leisure activities

  • sport programs
  • cultural programs
  • proactive participation in the programs of Vigyázó Kéz Child Care Union