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The first and only higher educational institution in Dunaújváros, the Technicum of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, our predecessor institution was established in 1953. However, as our University is one of the very few universities saveguarding and fostering the nearly 270 years old student traditions developed at Selmecbánya (and for that UOD is considered as a successor institution of the former Academy of Selmecbánya), our university can be described as a relatively young university having roots that goes back centuries.

Nowadays our university is considered as one of the most dynamically developing higher educational institutions in Hungary. On national level UOD became the centre of higher education in the surrounding region, and as a results of our internationalization strategy followed over the past years, our institution is proud to have a wide international relations network in Europe and all around the world. Currently we offer 6 bachelor and 2 master programs entirely taught English, and nearly 10% of the total number of or students are international students arriving from all corners of the world.

Our maintainer, the Ministry of Education and Culture recognized the importance of our regional efforts, and gave a vote of confidence to us. Thanks to our partners besides the taxpayers, the theoretical and practical preparation of majors in Engineering, Informatics, Economics, Communication and Pedagogics is helped by the outstanding equipment of our modern institutions.