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BETA RESEARCH INSTITUTE Nonprofit Ltd. is the legal descendant of the Sugarbeet Cultivation and Plant Breeding Institute founded in 1931 and that of BETA RESEARCH Ltd., winner of the HungarianAgrar Innovation Prize in 2004. The latter institute has been transformed into a non profit enterprise in 2008 to continue the research activity of its former institutes. The present owners of the institute are agricultural companies cultivating 18 000 hectares.

The activity of the institute covers scientific and technological research and development to serve the sustainability and environment friendliness of agricultural production and renewable energy production.
Up to the present, research concerning sugar beet production has been the main profile of the institute. Production technology of sugar beet from seeds to harvest has been improved and developed by the Institute on behalf of different agricultural companies and organizations and projects supported by government grants.
In the last few years other significant plants (rape, corn) cultivated in the base farms of the institute has been involved in the research and development activities. Agro-techniques, nutrient content, -requirement and -supplement of plants and soils are continuously developed. An advising service based on GPS controlled soil sampling is also provided for the farmers.
Beyond agricultural research and development, an experimental anaerobe fermentation laboratory was established to investigate the digestion process, biogas yield and composition from different biomass and by-products.

At present, the main fields of the institute are:
- accredited soil and plant nutrient analysis and expert advising on nutrient supplementation coupled with precision GPS based mapping and soil sampling
- development of agro-technology of the mentioned plants based on labor-, greenhouse- and field experiments, for different purposes (variety, nutrient supply, protection, etc.)
- research of utilization of biomass (agricultural wastes and by-products) for renewable energy, especially for biogas; and investigation of the utilisation of biogas-sludges and waste waters for fertilisation
- publishing activity in own serials and other journals, takes part and organizes conferences, meetings and field demonstrations

The institute continuously applies for grants in national and international cooperation to provide financial support for the researches. To take part in Horizon 2020 is one of the goal of the Institute.