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Magyarmet are a well known European supplier of ready machined castings, which find their application in different engineering branches. The company is producing investment castings (lost wax) primarily in small and medium sized series. Cast weight is up to 25 kg, and max. cast dimensions are 400 x 400 x 300 mm. More than 85 % of the production of the foundry is exported.
Creative with Investment Casting

Devoted to its strategy of continuous improvement of service MAGYARMET are finding always the right solution for meeting customer expectations, also in the cases of parts with tricky design or exotic alloys. MAGYARMET engineers advise their partners already in the developing stage of new products on castable designs and support them in choosing suitable alloys.

In 2002 MAGYARMET introduced a ProEngineer 2001 CAD-CAM system, which makes possible the electronic exchange of drawings and 3 D models and helps shortening the developing time of new castings. Beyond that MAGYARMET have made experience in rapid prototyping, which combined with 3 D modelling contributes to the quick realisation of urgent projects or initial samples.

From design to shipment MAGYARMET are rendering full service to their partners.
Besides the fabrication of as-cast parts there is an increasing demand for precision castings ready for assembly. Furthermore MAGYARMET are offering surface treatment of castings (pickling, mechanical and electrolytical polishing, electro-static coating, varnishing, galvanising and hot dip galvanising) and also the complete machining up to the delivery of goods ready for assembly.

The reliable quality of the products of MAGYARMET is guaranteed by an extensive quality assurance system approved acc. EN ISO 9001:2000.

Minősítések: AS 9100 (ISO 9001:2008),  PED 97/23/EG, ISO 14001, ISO 3834.