Address: 1116 Budapest, Barázda street 42.
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Telephone: +36 (20) 886-36-59


We are aiming at providing those innovative solutions and management strategies assisting convenient professional integrations, with which partners using our services can attain an increase in the efficiency of their organizational structure.

We list commitment and up-to-date professional knowledge among the most important values of ours. The project-management services of the Innovative Concept Ltd. help their customers strategic and organizational efforts with concrete practical methods, instruments and also with integrative supportive solutions. Their knowledge and partners make them capable of implementing projects based on analysing and integrating technological alternatives of different fields. For achieving development Innovative Concept is ready to integrate into their working method the continuous benchmarking, the best practice and the new management processes, the forming of the most effective process-organising practices. In the development processes they aim to follow environment-friendly concepts as well as the efficient sustainability of the solution.