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Progen Ltd.

Our company the PROGEN Mérnöki Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Ltd. estabilished in 1992. As an independent -owned by private hungarian individuals- company we are proud to be able to compete with the international software companies. Since the first days of the company our goal is to create complex, efficient and economic to introduce and to operate IT solutions for the small and medium size enterprises.

Our products the Nagy Machinátor and the sERPa Enterprise Resourse Planning systems are operating at more than 2000 business organization countrywide. We are committed to the continuous developement therefore we place great emphasis on the innovation. As a result of our commitment we achieved that our products are always up to date and serve our partner’s changing demands and needs.

With satisfied partners testify to the quality of our work as well as to our reliability we acquired the ISO certification in 1998 and currently we meet the international quality requirements and work with ISO 9001:2008

We guarantee the consistent high quality of our service with the monitoring and optimization of processes which allows our customers to receive high quality service regardless of time and place, and us to able to constantly improve our operations.

Beside the development of our intergated systems we are at our partners’ disposal in wheter it is about a new module or a completely new software.

Our highly trained staff, professional development background and personal relationship with our customers by our work experienced coworkers ensure the success of our projects.

Our misson is to create and operate information systems which are cost effectively satisfy our customers demands on an unobjectionably manner. We believe that it is not enough to sell a product, but as a whole need to operate reliably, since the value of investment in information technology is not the amount of the purchase price of the components, but it should be measured by the savings in labor, the possibility of quick decision-making and increment in competitiveness.

Our Products
The sERPa ERP System is optimalized for the SME’s processes, but beyond the general functionality, it provides solutions for the special needs of the industries. Since its introduction in 2003, almost 400 enterprises have choosen sERPa for their process management. Thanks to its modular structure, it can adjust to the real needs of the enterprises, and is able to grow together with them in terms of functionality and the number of users as well. Beyond the general ERP functionality, sERPa 3.0 is able to serve special demands. Thanks to the consecutive updates, the multiple award winner software can always provide the modernest solutions for its users. It is an ideal choice for any company to manage its business processes. Regardless of industry, sERPa is perfect for performing financial, accounting, stock-management, trading and HR tasks. Relying on it, up to date information for the management are always and immediately available, and thanks to them the workflow and processes of the company can be followed up easily. The flexible queries, reports and summaries support the operative tasks and the decision making of the management.

The Nagy Machinator® has been providing optimal solutions for the SME’s business and administrational processes for more than 20 years. Using it, up to date summaries and reports are available daily in every area. Beyond the advantages of the system, we offer long term and fixed relationship, flexible and customer-centric attitude. Thanks to the consecutive updates and the extensive range of functionality, the Nagy Machinator considers maximally the business needs and eases the daily administration. By using it, you can manage your invoicing, banking, bookkeeping, payroll and the other business processes in one interface.

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