HEADQUARTER and SALES OFFICE: 87 Podmaniczky St., H-1062 Budapest, Hungary
POSTAL ADDRESS and PRODUCTION SITE: 15 Lapostelki St., H-8230 Balatonfüred, Hungary
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Web: http://www.experimetria.com/
Telephone (Sales and Marketing): +36-1-705-8005
Telephone (General Administration and Finance): +36-87-580-047
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The enterprise was established in 1982 to design and manufacture laboratory equipment basically for physiological and pharmacological research. Though economic situation and trading environment was rather restricted that time, these disadvantages were counterbalanced by strong innovative capacity and goal-oriented development and production. The intellectual capacity of the Company has been based on broad experience of research and development in wide range of fields such as physiology, pathophysiology, neuroscience, pharmacology and pharmaceutical engineering. This small and selected team successfully unites the scientific and engineering knowledge to produce innovative devices for scientific and applied research. Our fields of interest include, classical physiological recording (heart functions, blood-pressure -and -flow, respiration, temperature), isolated organ experiments (Langendorff- and Neely-heart, Magnus-preparation of intestines, vas deferens, kidney, etc.), biomechanical functions (striated and smooth muscle and vessel preparations), electrophysiological and other nervous recordings (EEG, evoked potentials, nerve conduction velocity, cell action potentials, myograph etc.).