Innoskart ICT Cluster is an organized innovative network of cluster members consisting of regional SMEs, three universities, one nonprofit research institution and a knowledge centre.
The cluster began its activity on the 20th of July 2006 with a focus on the support of ICT SMEs’ high added value, export-oriented and innovative networking activities. Furthermore, through the fostering of specialization and cooperation the expansion of partnership between enterprises, research institutions, universities and also bridging organizations, local governments.

Our Mission

Innoskart ICT Cluster, as a qualified innovation cluster with its high value-added innovation cooperation granted to its members, is a proactive player in the domestic and international collaborations between clusters.

The cluster's strategic goals for the period 2017-2018 are the following

Overall strategic objectives:

  • High value-added innovative product development activities in domestic and international markets, by encouraging inter-sectoral co-operation
  • Joint development of distribution channels for the realization of products in domestic and international markets
  • Increasing the incomings of sales in domestic and international markets by the efficient use of Cluster Marketing Tools

Innoskart's short-term aim that

  • Strengthen product-oriented innovation by
    • integrating professional relations
    • involvement of new members along new joint innovation projects
    • exploring and adopting good solutions (benchmarking)
    • generating national and international cluster collaborations (interclustering)
  • Common tool for procurement of assets and procurement of production licenses , production know-how related to it
  • Proactive cluster marketing at national and international level
    • Strengthen online marketing
    • Common brochures, advertising campaigns
    • Joint participation in exhibitions
    • International networking

Articles of Association are available here (Hun).

Innoskart's long-term aim that

  • the innovation, the rise of value added growth and export through supporting services in the cluster,
  • with required training of practitioners for the business activities of the cluster-members,
  • common development, common production or other activities necessary for acquisition of assets,
  • aimed at increasing competitiveness of the joint development of research infrastructure built or leased to enable the cluster companies that own, or sit tight joint ventures the recovery of the use of financial resources (micro-finance and venture capital investments). Thus, the development period at the end of the Innoskart become internationally competitive clusters.